Mod is a landscape structure provider specialising in restrooms and shelters for the public domain. Mod delivers highly designer, cost-effective products through a simple process of design and execution.

Despite being a new player in the game, Mod has a rich history as it is the brainchild of the crew here at Fleetwood Urban. We have specifically involved ourselves in architecturally significant and structurally complex bespoke projects. Mod came about when our team realised that there is a space in the market for standard products, such as shelters and restrooms, backed by intelligent design and innovative simplicity.


The ultimate vision for Mod is to enrich people’s outdoor lives through simple, cost-effective design. This mentality gives the flexibility to differentiate the product range and expand beyond shelters and restrooms in the future. Mod is simple to deal with, simple to connect with, and creates outcomes that are simply rewarding. They focus on a Business to Consumer approach. Mod's future goal is to be generating domestic products for home entertaining areas, as well as supplying for the public domain. We are delighted to partner Mod with exceptional leading architects to achieve this.


Mod specialises in outdoor shelters and restrooms for the public domain. They produce a variety of product ranges called Families. These are designed by the architectural community, for the outdoor community. Mod creates solutions so that you can live your life in rain, hail or shine. The products are designed with an environmental focus. The architects play with the energy of sunlight and the tranquillity of rainfall, to bring you spaces that are at one with the environment. Mod Families are designed to complement open spaces in a variety of outdoor settings.


Mod provides a unique online product builder to ensure the customer experience is as easy as possible. These products are made from highly designed materials that are manufactured in large quantities. It’s important for councils and communities to have access to quality, affordable solutions. Mod is striving to be the industry's most cost-effective producer of simple, standardised products.


The Mod team has been handpicked from our experienced group of professionals here at Fleetwood. The team collaborates with elite architects to offer clients a variety of Families to choose from. Mod and Fleetwood are an industry Go-To for highly designed standard and bespoke product ranges. Together we provide our clients with exceptional design solutions and customer service.

The Mod Advantage

Mod provides an intelligently designed product at a cost-effective price. Mod has an industry advantage as their simple product-building tool provides on-screen quotes as you build. Based on an innovative model, Mod remains cost-effective by manufacturing materials in high quantities. Mod has a strong vision to maintain the highest level of design and be seen as the industry's most cost effective designer products.

Like us, Mod offers consultations so you can have access to some of the greatest minds in the business. This creates an opportunity to form client relationships and to help the team fully understand your project. If you're inspired by intelligent design and execution, visit the Mod website here for inspiration. Or, if you’re looking for a standardised product for a public space, contact Mod to book a consultation today.